Groundbreaking, user-friendly products and know-how have shown for over 50 years that the future can be built.

WITTE – enjoy excellent clamping


through ideas

When ideas are successful: The high level of innovation, highest quality, precision and state-of-the-art production techniques are the key to convincing problem solving.

With over 50 years of experience in the automotive and aerospace sectors as well as first-class engineering, we develop, produce and install intelligent, modular and reusable measuring and clamping devices for national and international companies in the manufacturing industry, which enable precise and safe fixation of both simple, but also sensitive and highly complex workpieces and products. In this way, we guarantee process-reliable, high-precision and therefore excellent, cost-saving and profitable processing and function.

intellectual property rights on developments and word trademarks represent outstanding innovative strength with a worldwide reputation. Since 1969, groundbreaking, user-friendly products and know-how have shown that the future can be built. Company founder Horst Witte turned a small business into a company that now has more than 220 employees. Through a comprehensive portfolio with the claim to technological leadership.


that convince

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International, well-known corporations such as large medium-sized companies from the automotive, space and aviation, telecommunications, mechanical and manufacturing plant engineering sectors and, for example, the food industry, place their trust in us.

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Premium Aerotec
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A lean organization, motivated employees and a culture of trust with all stakeholders are the basis for our success.

We make your topic to ours - and we do it in a spirit of partnership, confidently and profitable for you, from concept to the product and all the necessary processes.

Thinking in departments and product groups is a thing of the past, "one face to the customer", without barriers and detours, simply success oriented, with passion.

Your topic deviates from our widely diversified standard? This is a welcome challenge to us! An attentive, team of experts develops inspiring solutions with the project management office and specialized manufacturing islands.

You have decided to work with us and placed an order?

Then our PMO team is the process-reliable control and communication center, the coordinator for optimal implementation and control of a wide variety of project types. We will complete projects profitably for you by using proven processes and standards and integrating innovative approaches. In the project management office, we rely on clear communication, comprehensive resource management and smooth cooperation to make every project a successful one.

Our customer and product-specific manufacturing islands are fully responsible for their products from design, programming, manufacturing, assembly including quality control and on-time delivery.

Our production islands are characterized by smart processes, short and effective throughput times and holistic responsibility. This is where your product is created in a process-reliable and highly precise manner.

The ongoing development of existing products and the creation of new, innovative solutions are a high priority for us. Tried-and-tested approaches (also in our testing workshop) come into play as well as the use of new technological approaches (via artificial intelligence where applicable).

With an experienced team of experts, groundbreaking products are created that not only inspire customers with their design and functionality, but also with their short development times. In particular, the cooperation with universities, institutes and partner companies on an equal footing ensure the highest standards in the realization of customer requirements.

Our passion and attention does not end with the delivery of the product. Our after sales service stands for attentive, sustainable customer care that goes beyond the sale. The product lifecycle is also our lifeline, our team is focused on delighting customers over the long term and ensuring our products achieve profitable results.

We promote continuous learning and personal development in order to keep our own teams, suppliers, and cooperation partners up to date with the latest technology in our academy. Would you like to learn more about our technology and engineering? No problem, our academy also offers this platform to acquire knowledge and expertise. Through tailor-made training programs and workshops, we strive to instill joy in learning in order to create added value for all parties. We rely on the "blended learning approach", a combination of face-to-face and practical training as well as e-learning.